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Burial Plot Map Essentials

Burial Plot maps are an essential tool for managing a cemetery. Cemetery operators that provide burial plot maps ensure their patrons have quick and easy access to gravesite locations.  Additionally, an accurate burial plot map allows cemetery management to have an exact understanding of how much space is available for future development.

Particular care should be taken with burial plot maps to ensure nothing is lost to history. Unfortunately, due to inaccurate or lost cemetery records, many graveyards no longer have access to detailed information regarding the exact layout of their burial plots.

Example burial plot map
Example of burial plot map for Capitan New Mexico

When creating a cemetery plot map it is of the utmost importance to have an accurate understanding of the exact placement of each grave. These plot maps are deliberately designed to break down the overall cemetery layout into more easily digestible information.

1.    What is a burial plot map:

A cemetery burial plot map is a symbolic interpretation of the cemetery and clarifies the locations of burials and relevant cemetery features. Burial plot maps assist cemetery managers with planning and development of the memorial grounds. Additionally, they provide a clear and concise way for guests to find their loved one’s final resting places.

Unfortunately, due to missing or incorrect records, most cemetery burial plot maps were created without accurate records. This can cause some major issues ranging from wasted space to double sold plots.

2.    How to find a grave with a burial plot map:

Burial plot maps are designed to allow visitors to break down the various areas of a cemetery to determine the location of a specific grave. Knowing the general location of a grave is helpful, but it still leaves you wandering around looking for your loved one’s specific gravesite.

With an accurate cemetery burial plot map, patrons are able to know the exact location of the grave they are searching for with little to no hassle. Each grave is noted by a rectangle over the plot where it is located. This allows for a quick and simple search to find the correct area.

From paying respects to compiling genealogical research, cemetery burial plot maps provide an uncomplicated and easily understood diagram to help you meet your goals. Just a quick review of the map and you are already on your way.

3.    Benefits of having a burial plot map:

Accurate burial plot maps allow cemetery managers to better predict the number of graves a certain area can hold. They also protect against unfortunate mistakes due to poor record-keeping from past owners. Double sold plots have been occurring more and more in recent years. However, this is a problem that can be prevented with a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan of cemetery grounds that determines the exact location of each burial and by creating a map with identified locations that are available for purchase.

Cemetery mapping is essential; for visitors, it allows easy access to the graves or memorials they are seeking, and for the cemetery or crematory, it provides a clear list of their inventory (used and available) and helps manage operations.

The graveyard maps of today are online and digital. Some cemeteries offer virtual tours of their grounds; others can show you a satellite image of the grounds, some even a photo of the headstone. In addition, many larger cemeteries now offer self-serve kiosks, so on arrival, visitors can search the deceased records and be shown a map with directions to the site. They can even use Google maps integrated into a graveyard map to walk you to the designated location.

How to make a cemetery plot map: prepare in advance and find a suitable partner, be it community members or a cemetery software partner who can assist.

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