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Cemetery Ground Penetrating Radar

Cemetery ground penetrating Radar Grave Locating Services

Cemetery ground penetrating radar services are an essential tool when creating a new cemetery map.  Many cemeteries have unmarked gravesites, lost graves, old burials, along with the easily identified more recent burials. Additionally, our ground penetrating radar services can locate known (marked), unmarked, and lost graves in cemeteries without disturbing these sensitive sites. 

cemetery ground penetrating radar
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How the Ground Penetrating Radar Service Works

To begin with, the ground penetrating radar (GPR) uses a non-destructive method to identify subsurface features without the need for drilling, probing, or digging. Once it emits high-frequency pulses of radio waves into the ground using a GPR transmitter and antenna, the pulses have a specific depth penetration rate depending on the soil’s dielectric properties. Consequently, buried objects or distinct contacts between different earth materials reflect the transmitted energy, which is then received by the antenna. Subsequently, the digital control unit displays the resulting soil profile as bands based on the reflected waves.

With our training and experience, we are capable of interpreting this data in order to identify unmarked burials and sub-surface anomalies.

Our ground penetrating radar services works by detecting disturbed soil caused by:

  • Wooden and/or metal caskets
  • Voids in the earth with little to no surviving skeletal remains
  • Ceremonial burial objects
  • Historical objects
  • Vaults
  • Improperly positioned graves
  • Unmarked graves
  • Underground utilities
  • Etc.
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Ground penetrating radar services aid in exploring cemeteries and locating graves, providing critical information to create an accurate burial plot map and plan for the cemetery’s future. By carefully marking unidentified graves, you can preserve history and improve your recordkeeping.

Our innovative mapping system integrates the data collected during ground penetrating radar scans into the Esri ArcGIS platform to create burial plot maps with detailed information, including the location of unmarked burials. Proper cemetery records are essential to help people searching for graves access information and understand the exact layout of the burial plots.

ViaVista Mapping provides a visually appealing cemetery plot map known for its precision and quality. Stakeholders can access the dynamic, searchable burial plot map on any connected device or computer through a weblink, greatly improving stakeholder engagement.

How GPR will help you:

Our ground-penetrating radar service is a safe and noninvasive way to collect significant data. Ultimately, it is the industry-standard method for achieving a better understanding of your cemetery and generates critical information for developing an accurate cemetery plot map.