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GIS Cemetery Mapping Improves Cemetery Sales & Operations

GIS cemetery mapping provides cemetery managers with a highly effective tool to streamline their cemetery operations and also facilitates pre-need sales.

Modern cemeteries strive to be present on various platforms and reach potential customers through different channels. It is for this reason they combine marketing and social media efforts with GIS cemetery mapping services.

GIS cemetery mapping
GIS cemetery mapping

But how does mapping helps? It helps in the identification and evaluation of different marketing opportunities. Similarly, when it comes to GIS cemetery mapping services, mapping allows those in the cemetery business to be aware of all the details and information of the cemetery, which they can place on the internet for potential customers or visitors. They can then plan their visit or burial accordingly.

As a manager of the cemetery, it comes under your responsibility to care for the deceased’s memorial and ease of the relatives. Since much of the time, records are manually entered, it is hard to keep track of all the information, and much of your time is spent transcribing information into spreadsheets. Acquiring GIS cemetery mapping services can help your cemetery business in more ways which you can know about by reading on!

Boost Sales and Improve Customer Support with GIS cemetery mapping

When it comes to selling plots, mausoleums, or burial vaults, it is essential that you are aware of the available inventory. If you are unaware of the purchased or free land, you can accidentally sell the same place twice, for which the consequences can be a nightmare.

With the help of GIS cemetery mapping services, you are saved from the trouble of searching through handwritten files that can take hours and make the family members impatient. The grieving family stands at your desk while you shuffle through mountains of files and handwritten notes.

More Sales by Keeping Track of Available Plots

The digital cemetery mapping services offer you a simple solution to one of the most tiring and frustrating problems you encounter in cemetery management – determining which plots are still available for sale. You no longer need to go through old plans or pages of paperwork.

You get an accurate master cemetery map which is instantly available to managers to salespersons. Updating the map is also easy and requires nothing more than just a few clicks. People can easily buy several plots in the middle of the day.

Establish Efficient Managing Of Records

Each cemetery is unique and has different requirements. However, they typically have to keep thorough records and details of the burials that have taken place. Also, it is important to track where each burial is taking place in the cemetery and the space available in each area. Following and maintaining means creating better customer support.

Cemeteries also sell vaults for ashes and for or those who wish to be buried in a mausoleum. Such sales bring revenue to your business, and so you must also record their details. There are also clients who want plots of land or other pieces of property within the cemetery to build a private memorial for their loved ones. All this requires accessible information that helps clients and the staff. You need GIS cemetery mapping services to manage all this data effectively.

Determine the Place In Need Of Maintenance with GIS cemetery mapping

The cemetery managers are tasked with keeping track of everything that needs to be done in the cemetery. When going through the list of maintenance issues, you need to know the problems that are in urgent need of attention than others. Having the right and accurate information helps in generating reports about the sites most in need of attention.

You can thus get more done in less time, opening doors to providing families better care during their time.

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