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Digital Cemetery Mapping is Reshaping Cemetery Management

Digital cemetery mapping has reshaped the cemetery and death care services.

In recent years, cemetery tourism or Tombstone Tourism, has seen a boom. The growing interest in genealogy has encouraged people to hunt out cemeteries in search of their ancestors. Finding ancestors’ burials is part of unearthing their family tree and stories.

Digital cemetery map facilitates digital tourism
Digital cemetery mapping facilitates cemetery tourism

The fascination with learning about family roots and, with it, fascinating tales of family histories has made people obsessed with cemeteries. People are visiting and photographing cemeteries, memorials, and headstones and sharing this information online. On the other hand, some people are interested in the architecture, art, culture, and historical examples that are found within cemeteries. Each grave site and headstone mark the cultural norms of the day, religious preferences, and a hint of the personality and belief of the deceased.

This unprecedented interest and fascination have reshaped the business of cemeteries, particularly in three ways. There is a wealth of history stored within graveyards which is not always visible but can be made more evident and easy to find with the help of a graveyard map.

Digital Tourism

The in-person visits to cemeteries are less than the exposure of online interest they have received. It is for this reason, many cemeteries are in the process of digitizing their records of the details of all burials and memorials. This information is then published for all to see, making it easy to search for the deceased records.

If the cemetery maintains a website, they can place this information online through various registers and links to the major genealogy sites. The ease with which people would be able to navigate the cemetery will give your business new exposure.

By utilizing social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can allow your business to be directly connected to the family of those buried, to the community, and to those interested in taphophiles. Direct access to the audience helps you in promoting your activities and events.

Digital Mapping

With a digital graveyard map, plots or memorials within site can be identified. There might be hand-drawn plans for your cemetery; however, these legacy maps are frequently not accurate and are out of date. Digital mapping pins each plot to the location to a set GPS coordinate that confirms the position within your grounds.

It means visitors to your cemetery are able to negotiate the ground to find the location they are looking for. It is similar to visiting a graveyard and using Google Maps to direct you to the site you are seeking. Similarly, a graveyard map helps visitors in geographically remote locations to view these sites.

Mapping also allows cemeteries to identify points of interest. The maps are a vital tool to manage inventory within the cemetery grounds by being able to point out the occupied, pre-sold, and free plots.

Cemetery Tourism

Many large or historically significant cemeteries offer tours now since they provide an authentic insight into the beliefs and culture at the time of the death. There are centuries of history behind the symbolism seen at these sites. The statues, mementos, and shrines reiterate the promise of eternal life.

This has encouraged even small cemeteries and local government bodies to renew their interest in cemeteries. It allows them to promote the sites as part of their local attractions and events. The events include Memorial Day remembrances, Veterans Day honors, as well as Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day celebrations.

Initially, cemeteries were designed as places for visitors and mourners to honor and remember the departed. With the change toward cemeteries and the death industry, it is not surprising that these cemeteries and memorial gardens will be the next tourist destination.  Maintaining an accurate graveyard map enables cemetery managers to educate their communities about the unique history of the inhabitants and to satisfy the curiosity of those with an interest in history.

See examples of our digital cemetery mapping HERE.

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