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Digital Cemetery Map Benefits

Digital cemetery map streamlines cemetery operations. If deciphering scribbles is something that you don’t want as part of your everyday life any longer, that could be reason enough to migrate your cemetery to an online interactive map.

Digital cemetery map
Cemetery Management Headaches

Other than optimizing space and inventory, there are a host of other benefits a digital cemetery map provides:

  • Keeping Records Safe from Damage: Since paper maps and ledgers are susceptible to the elements, including fire and water damage, or getting lost or misplaced, you can rest assured that your records are stored securely on a cloud-based platform. You can also request a backup of your records at any time.
  • Plan and Use Space More Wisely: An accurate representation of your cemetery’s grounds, plots, and monuments means that you’re able to plan for the future better. Knowing that your online cemetery map mirrors the physical cemetery is reassuring when referring to the map at meetings with the board or contractors.
  • Information Is Easily Accessible: While your cemetery’s data is stored safely, online digital mapping tools are easy to use. This means that both staff and visitors can find records about the deceased and how to find their final resting places without issue.
  • Navigation Is Simple: A hand-drawn map is really helpful to find your way to a cemetery plot that you wish to visit, but an online interactive one makes it far easier. With a mobile-friendly platform, the online map directs you to the plot, monument, or other key points of interest that you want to find with our walk-to-plot feature.
  • Preserve Community History: As a place of peace and memory, an online interactive map helps to preserve the histories of individuals who were part of the community and who made an impact on it. Showcase individuals’ stories on each, clickable, digital plot.
  • Confidently Engage with Clients and New Audiences: With accurate cemetery digital mapping, your institution can have confidence in sharing plot information to potential customers. The interactive platform, as a point of pride, can be shared with others outside of town, too, allowing them to engage more deeply with your community when visiting, too.

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