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Digital Cemetery Mapping is Reshaping Cemetery Management

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Digital cemetery mapping has reshaped the cemetery and death care services. In recent years, cemetery tourism or Tombstone Tourism, has seen a boom. The growing interest in genealogy has encouraged people to hunt out cemeteries in search of their ancestors. Finding ancestors’ burials is part of unearthing their family tree and stories. The fascination with […]

Burial Plot Map – Why is it Important?

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Burial plot map is a vital tool for cemetery caretakers.  Many cemetery management offices often have cemetery plot maps in their offices for their employees and visitors to use.  However, these maps are usually inexact and allow for too much variation to have a truly accurate understanding of the land available for future plots as […]

Cemetery Mapping Problems

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Cemetery Mapping Problems & Solutions Cemetery mapping can help address the most common problems for cemetery managers. Is your cemetery struggling with one of these common mapping issues? We’ve got you covered. Relying on aging paper maps Cemeteries are historic institutions. Their paper maps? Important historical documents. As with any aging documents, cemetery maps must […]

Digital Cemetery Mapping enables Cemetery Tourism

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Digital cemetery mapping is a key element for enabling cemetery tourism. Today, cemetery tourism is a growing market as traveler’s trek to graveyards around the world to reflect on their lives, seek out the grave of a famous person, or travel to learn more about their family by finding the final resting place of loved […]

GIS Cemetery Mapping Improves Cemetery Sales & Operations

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GIS cemetery mapping provides cemetery managers with a highly effective tool to streamline their cemetery operations and also facilitates pre-need sales. Modern cemeteries strive to be present on various platforms and reach potential customers through different channels. It is for this reason they combine marketing and social media efforts with GIS cemetery mapping services. But […]

Cemetery Preservation Funding

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Cemetery preservation requires funding which can be a significant challenge for cemetery caretakers. Cemeteries serve as sacred spaces where we honor our departed loved ones and preserve the histories of our communities. Maintaining these spaces, however, requires substantial effort and resources. Different sources of funding for cemetery preservation and maintenance Before embarking on the journey […]

Digital Cemetery Map Benefits

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Digital cemetery map streamlines cemetery operations. If deciphering scribbles is something that you don’t want as part of your everyday life any longer, that could be reason enough to migrate your cemetery to an online interactive map. Other than optimizing space and inventory, there are a host of other benefits a digital cemetery map provides: […]

Digital Cemetery Mapping


Digital Cemetery Mapping provides numerous benefits and advantages. Cemetery managers that provide burial plot maps enable their stakeholders to have access to gravesite locations.  Additionally, an accurate cemetery plot map allows cemetery management to have an understanding of how much space is available for future development.  Over time, however, the traditional paper-based static burial plot […]