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GIS Cemetery Mapping Improves Cemetery Sales & Operations

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GIS cemetery mapping provides cemetery managers with a highly effective tool to streamline their cemetery operations and also facilitates pre-need sales. Modern cemeteries strive to be present on various platforms and reach potential customers through different channels. It is for this reason they combine marketing and social media efforts with GIS cemetery mapping services. But […]

GIS Cemetery Mapping

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GIS Cemetery Mapping – How does it help Cemetery Managers? Technology has become the bedrock of the 21st century. No matter the industry or sector, advancement in technology continues to provide much-needed convenience and ease. Such is the case for cemetery sites. If you are a cemetery manager, operator, or caretaker, it is important for […]

Digital Cemetery Mapping


Digital Cemetery Mapping provides numerous benefits and advantages. Cemetery managers that provide burial plot maps enable their stakeholders to have access to gravesite locations.  Additionally, an accurate cemetery plot map allows cemetery management to have an understanding of how much space is available for future development.  Over time, however, the traditional paper-based static burial plot […]

Cemetery Mapping Services: Let’s get digital

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Cemetery mapping services are transitioning to digital platforms. We are living in age of digitalization, and things around us are increasingly dominated by technology. The world has changed. We work from home, attend school from home, shop from home, and stream movies at home.  Online activities have increased in quantity and popularity.  People are becoming […]



This historic cemetery is located in New York, just north of New York City. The parish of St. Stephens Episcopal Church has been serving the Armonk, New York, community for more than 175 years, and the church’s cemetery is a treasured part of the community’s history.  Over the years and through many changes in parish […]



ArcGIS cemetery mapping: We are excited about transforming our business to better serve our clients by providing cemetery maps via a cloud-based geographic information system (GIS) on the ArcGIS platform.  Cemetery mapping has long been an important element of cemetery preservation.  Reasons for mapping cemeteries include: • Cultural resource conservation • Maintenance of markers and […]